Day 2 – Tues 7/12 – On the Interstate from Virginia to Tenessee

550.2 miles in 9.5 hours of pure driving to Nashville. Nothing but driving. I guess truckers do it all the time, but this is the furhest I remember driving in one go, and certainly by myself.

Nashville country music all the way, now that I have figured out working Spotify and Google Maps together. Haven’t done streaming music up till now because I commute by subway, and there is no reception. Now I have a reason to try it. Also a reason to get an updated Android phone, to get better reception on I-81.

Kind of a shame that Spotify does not understand Google voice commands, it would be really cool if I could just say my music requests and have Spotify serve them up. Maybe in a future version of Android?

Econolodge is kind of a dump. Got buttonholed by a couple of seventeen year olds with some sad tale of woe that they were crossing the country and OOPS I gave them the New Yorker grunt and break eye contact response. Now I regret it, I should probably have told them to call their parents.

Ate at Monell’s Dining and Catering, a fun Southern menu place where you sit together with other guests and pass the all you can eat food around. Met some fun young Ernst and Young types about Jeremy’s age, we reminisced about Pokemon cards.

Monell'sAll You Can Eat

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