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Day 1 – Mon 7/11 – Battle of Gettysburg

Day 1 – Mon 7/11

401.2 miles to Harrisonburg via¬†Gettysburg, the high water mark of the Confederacy. General Robert E. Lee’s defeat by General George Meade. 51,000 dead in a convincing demonstration of the 3:1 advantage of defense in modern warfare, a lesson lost on the generals of the First World War.

I was surprised at how little relief there was in the battleground. I had an image of steep slopes, but even the site of Pickett’s Charge was a gently sloping rise. Enough I suppose for the Union to get off a few more fusillades.

I climbed it!
I climbed the tower at Culp’s Hill for a complete view of the battlefield!
Confederate cannon fodder marched unprotected across open ground into the Union artillery
Confederate cannon fodder marched unprotected across open ground into the Union artillery

After the excellent visitor center and self guided auto tour off into a westering sky, through twisty country roads to the sound of the Memphis blues. I love Spotify.

Day 0 – Drop Off at Camp

269 miles. Benjy’s summer sleep away camp bookends our vacations. Summer doesn’t really start until we do the three hour drive up to Frost Valley Y.

On the way up we have four cell phones for three people, but manage to debate how to use them. I want to pipe Google Play through the now Bluetooth enabled car stereo, but this turns into a catastrophe with voice recognition. Eventually we settle down on 10,000 Maniacs from my off-line collection.

On the way back we stop at Quickway Twin Cones, I have an absolutely enormous (medium) rum’n’raisin and maple walnut. Yum! Photos would be nice, but I never seem to think to memorialize my experiences. Will try to do better on the way to Graceland!

Music for the Road

America by Paul Simon for the New Jersey Turnpike
America cover by Yes
War by Edwin Starr for Gettysburg
Jolene by Dolly Parton for Nashville
Graceland by Paul Simon
Heartbreak Hotel Elvis Presley
We Shall Overcome by Pete Seeger for Selma and Montgomery, plus ten more from NEWSONE
Southern Man by Neil Young
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by the Band for Richmond, covered by Joan Baez

Any nominations please in comments section

New Toys

I love my gadgets. So far:

  • Idol 3New cell phone with better reception for travelling in the boonies and a larger screen for navigation (and more RAM so I can deposit checks on my cell, and Marshmallow Android version)

  • Cell HolderCell phone holder for the car (how has Debbie been doing Waze without this?)

  • Bluetooth Car AdapterBluetooth adapter so cell phone can feed into the car stereo for tunes, and for hands free calling (our car is too old to come with this as standard)

What else do I need? Camouflage?Make America Great