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Useful Books about Diving

Scuba Slang and Technical Term

Cautionary Tales


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Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

techdiver mailing list, part of the Aquanaut site. Mailing list formed as a revolt against the uninformed debates of advanced diving in rec.scuba. Dedicated to technical diving, although it includes a lot of cavers.

Unfortunately in 1995 it was discovered by George M. Irvine III, who managed to be obnoxious, insulting, and egotistical in his first three posts.

George Irvine was even kicked out of TDI for his comments on techdiver about Rob Palmer's death.
This list certainly does not abide by RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines

Despite the high noise to signal ratio, it is a fantastic source of information, such as the recent Harness Rigging thread.

Randall C. Allen wrote some very useful notes on using techdiver, and on using scuba-l.

Littoral Environmentalism

EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds

Local (New York) Environmentalism

Kerry's Webpage
USACE New York District Web Site
NYC Sierra Club Ecological Restoration Committee Events
Books on Marine Environment

Nitrox New website for divers and instructors interested in diving with oxygen enriched air. By Joel Silverstein
Andy Schmidt's Nitrox Planner


Jim Cobb's Trimix page.Good source on the "black art" of mixed-gas diving.
Rigging a Stage Bottle
Books on Deep Diving

Hogarthian Diving Style

Harness Rigging thread from techdiver.

Hogarthian Links
WKPP - Woodville Karst Plain Project
Hogarthian Philosophy, Billy Williams
Hogarthian Gear Configuration, Jarrod Jablonski
Assembling a Hogarthian Doubles Rig, Todd Leonard
How to make a V/P-weight
Hogarthian Style - a better way to rig your scuba gear...
Beyond Hogarthian. Doing It Right, Part 1, Bill Mee
Beyond Hogarthian. Doing It Right, Part 2, by Dan Volker
The "Doing It Right" video Monologue from the "Doing It Right" video.
Gas Diving UK
Mark's Nuggets Mark Melendez's compendium of important information gleaned from Cavers and Techdiver archives.
How To Dive from Jim Cobb's Trimix Site.

Diving Medicine

Diving Medicine Online, Ernest S Campbell, MD, FACS
Decompression Sickness References
Scuba Diving Explained: Questions and Answers on Physiology and Medical Aspects of Scuba Diving by Lawrence Martin, M.D.
DAN If you are reading this, then you should be a DAN member!
The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. The major scientific society of hyperbaric medicine in the United States.
Diving Diseases Research Centre, Plymouth, England. The leading hyperbaric treatment and research centre in Britain.
Books on Diving Medicine

Decompression Theory

Diving Physics and "Fizzyology", Richard Pyle
The Importance of Deep Safety Stops: Rethinking Ascent Patterns From Decompression Dives, Richard Pyle

Bubble Theory

Wrolf's Bubble Theory


Narcotic Properties of O2, a Techdiver thread
Definition of Equivalent Narcotic Depth in Scuba Slang and Technical Term.


Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Richard Pyle
A Learner's Guide To Closed-Circuit Rebreather Operations, Richard Pyle
The Rebreather Web Site
Russki Schnuffski Diving Association of Switzerland
Draeger Dive

Online Dive Stores

The Scuba Depot Online Catalog
Mar-Vel Underwater Equipment America's Oldest Diving Supply Company - since 1946.
McMaster-Carr Internet Catalog Great source for all the miscellaneous hardware.


Dive Rite
Diving Unlimited International Dry suits
Force Fin
Aqua Explorers
Custom Divers - UK manufacturers of technical diving equipment.

Books, Magazines, and Videos

DeepTech Online the Internet extension of DeepTech Journal
Wrolf's Bookwreck - Useful Books about Diving

Certifying Agencies

GUE. See review above.
Dive Rescue International specializes in public safety diving.

Other Links

Lost on Lake Huron, The Artwork of Ken Lalko
The Wall: Chronicle of a Scuba Trial, an on-line novel by Lawrence Martin, M.D.
Jim Cobb's Trimix links
Andy Schmidt's Links
Rick's Links & More
Baltic Sea Tech Divers
Scapa Flow Technical & John's Charters Dive boat specializing in Scapa Flow. Also offers Nitrox and Trimix courses. Don't miss the Project Britannic.
Richard Pyle's Page at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii.
On Your Own: The Buddy System Rebutted, Bob Halstead
Nautilus Productions: Tape Sales Really great tape about Sand Tiger Sharks.
Mark Hulber's - SCUBA Diving Information
Terry Ridgway PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Anthony DeBoer Ontario Scuba Diving, and a Link Forest.

Mixed Bag - New stuff that I am in the middle of checking for duplicates and adding.

Scuba Diving
The Wall: Chronicle of a Scuba Trial by Lawrence Martin, M.D. - an online work of fiction.
Nitrox Planner
DeepTech Article: Tony Maffatone
Buddy Inspiration
Home Page
New Jersey SCUBA Diving
TheScuba Depot Online Catalog
MarkHulber's - SCUBA Diving Information


Kudos & Brickbats

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