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This is just a beginning at breaking down the intro sequence in Star Trek: Enterprise. There is a lot of fun stuff in there, not all of which I have been able to decipher.

Please e-mail me at wrolf@wrolf.net if you have any corrections or more information.

Vocals Main shot Superimposed graphic Credits
It's been a long road Low Earth Orbit shot - over Lake Ontario, facing Cape Cod    
Getting from there to here Another close shot of earth   ENTERPRISE
It's been a long time Renaissance diagram of celestial mechanics - Earth and Zodiac    
But my ... Portion of map    
... time is finally here. Show from helicopter, flying over birds on sea shore as they take off    
And I will see my dream come to life at last Polynesian raft with sail at sunset German diagram of inner solar system, including comet orbits  
  HMS Enterprize map, fade in to sailing ship    
I will touch the sky Space Shuttle runway, sailing ship fades out at end of runway   Based upon 'STAR TREK'
Created by Gene Roddenberry
And they're not going to hold me down no more Orange balloon crossing mountain range diagram of Mercury Redstone multistage rocket
circular diagram — sundial face?
  Spirit of St. Louis after landing in Paris continues superimposition and scan of rocket schematic  
No they're not going to change my mind Space Shuttle Enterprise - full scale test vehicle for aerodynamic flight and landing of Space Shuttle Celestial diagram  
Cause I've got Amelia Earhardt   Scott Bakula
faith Wright Flier Redstone rocket schematics  
of the heart Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis Leonardo da Vinci diagram with wings for manned flight John Billingsley
I'm going where my heart will take me Deep Flight submarine backdrop of map  
  Chuck Yeager in flight suit walking away from X-1 on ground    
I've got faith to believe 2 Apollo astronauts carrying A/C units wearing "bell jar" helmets. Celestial diagram  
  Alan Shephard preparing for Apollo 14 with helmet off, shaking head in amusement Lunar map  
  Underneath Saturn V rocket firing   Jolene Blalock
I can do anything Apollo launch from gantry diagrams of da Vinci wings  
  Fish eye view of from launch tower of Space Shuttle at liftoff    
I've got strength of the soul Space Shuttle mid-deck astronauts in launch phase    
  Robert Goddard writing at chalkboard:
Limit of balloon, 20 miles
Limit of atmosphere: 200 miles
indistinct diagram and equations — maybe of math for moonshot
Saturn V rocket in early boost, still in atmosphere Dominic Keating
  1st stage Saturn V separation completes with shedding 1st/2nd stage interstage separator star chart?  
  Astronaut in MMU, low earth orbit, holding onto handhold in open Shuttle bay. unclear  
No one's going to bend or break me "Buzz" Aldrin leaving a footprint on the moon celestial mechanics  
I can reach any star Lunar Excursion Module (perhaps Eagle) descent immediately after separation from Command Module celestial mechanics: "Solar and Lunar Eclipse" (very indistinct) "Moon's Eclipse May 10th 1768"?  
  Zoom of Mars Pathfinder's rover Sojourner, heading to rock Yogi indistinct  
  Astronaut in free flight above open shuttle doors   Anthony Montgomery
I've got faith International Space Station under construction (simulation)    
I've got faith space station gantry pulling away from a hypersonic spaceplane heading Earthward   Linda Park
Faith of the heart. Zephram Cochran Phoenix flight — rocket separation, side panels burst off, warp nacelles deploy   Connor Trinner
  Early warp starship SS Emmette flying over an Earth colony    
  NX-01 Enterprise rising from Earth, pan as passes and goes to warp   Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga

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